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A place to experiment new concepts, future ideas, dreams of wonderland and dreams from wonderland.

Towards the lasercut design

Soul ideogram. Skin and bones. Light and dark playfulness.
The laser cut design consists within itself the language of architecture, art and fashion. Construction and deconstruction which creates the shadow, the leftover from all that carving inside the material. An experiment in architecture: examining the limits of the Plexiglas, an adventure between the colors, ideas and forms. Lasercut Design is a link between the immaterial drawing and the material. Print of all the dreams, experiences, impressions on the senses, individualities. A sketch for the jewelry of the future.
  1. Since I am partly separated from the physical space of my personal studio, my personal workshop,  during my architecture studies I started observing the concept of the “non-existing” studio, the studio that you carry with yourself kind of like the concept of the “home” that you carry when you are away.

    And I started thinking.

    My studio is my dreams.

    My studio is my sketches with which I destroyed and colored one of my bags.

    My studio is my sketches that happen in between and on strange places.

    My studio is a drawing I made in February looking at the neighboring windows.

    My studio is the clothes collages that are inspired by spring arrival.

    My studio are all the million to do list I do with things I never get done.  

    Rather than saying home is where your heart is I would say.

    My studio is where my heart is.

    My studio is home.


    I am like the snail. I don’t carry my own house; I carry my studio with me.



    Design is a way of life.

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